We love dogs! Old dogs, young dogs, naughty dogs, nice dogs .. hungry dogs? 

That's right. Hungry dogs. We've got a dog menu! Gazebo is completely dog friendly outside, and we wouldn't let you go hungry so we'd never expect your furry friend to go hungry either. We also love hosting you and your pups in our garden courtyard so much that we're starting a Dog of the Week competition!

Just by bringing in your furry friend to Gazebo you'll enter our 'Dog of the Week' competition, which awards the lucky girl/boy a free serve of Gazebo Doggie Mince Shuffle & two free drink vouchers!

Previous Dogs of the Week : 001 Berlin - the full of beans Border Collie with a heart of gold 002 Doug - the Engagement drinks pup of curls & cuddles! 003 Max - Melbourne Cup's fluffy pup star! 004 Chandy - the beautiful Golden Oldie 005 the friendliest Christmas Drinks mascot - Coco