W E E K L Y  S P E C I A L S

M O N D A Y  to  S U N D A Y, every week


Happy Monday! Get the week started with our world-famous Spag Bolognese. $15 all day!

$15 steak

Steak night! 'Steak Frites' with green salad bits and all the good stuff. Treat yourself - it’s Tuesday.

$15 linguine

Jumping over hump-day with $15 prawn linguine. Get in quick - once they’re gone, that’s it!


Celebrate weekends early with our $15 Chicken Cotoletto - happy Friday eve everyone!

$10 Caipiroskas fridayS

You’ve worked so hard this week, we’re giving you $10 Caipiroskas to get your night started!

$10 Margaritas SATURDAYS

How good are Saturdays Just wow. Thanks Tommy for bringing us your $10 margaritas!

$10 aperol spritz
sundayS vol 1

The weekend's not over quite yet! Reminisce at our Aperol Sunday Sessions. Sunday funday!

Gazebo Roasts.JPG

$25 roasts
sundayS vol 2

Just when you thought your Sunday couldn’t get any better Gazebo is bringing you $25 roasts of the day!